U.S. Jews Increasingly Hawkish on Iran, Sceptical of Obama

WASHINGTON, Oct 14, 2010 (IPS) – U.S. Jews, who, next to African Americans, have constituted
the minority most supportive of Barack Obama, are growing more
sceptical of his performance and increasingly hawkish on Iran,
according to a new poll released Tuesday by the American
Jewish Committee (AJC).

The survey of 800 self-identified Jewish Americans, the
latest in an annual series that stretches back more than a
decade, also found a marked decline in confidence over
Obama’s handling of U.S.-Israel relations compared to eight
months ago when the AJC published its last poll.

While 55 percent of respondents voiced approval – and only
39 percent disapproval – of the Obama administration’s
handling of U.S.-Israeli relations last March, a mere
plurality of 49 percent in the latest poll said they
approved now, compared to 45 percent who voiced disapproval.

Support for U.S. military action against Iran “to prevent it
from developing nuclear weapons… if diplomacy and
sanctions fail” rose from 53 percent to 59 percent since
last March, while opposition to such a course fell from 42
percent to 35 percent over the same period.

As recently as its 2008 survey, the AJC found that 47
percent of respondents opposed an attack, while a 42-percent
plurality supporte… >>>

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