Ms. Lauren Booth’s Conversion

I can understand how Ms. Booth sympathy for Palestinians & Muslims may have driven her to become a Muslim. Yet, I wonder if, as a journalist, she had been assigned to cover the Rwanda’s civil war in 1990s, then how that would have changed her. Would she have then become an animist?

Since she works for Press TV, and in effect, for its owner, government of Islamic Republic of Iran; has Ms. Booth considered how this government has been treating its own people for the past 31 years, particularly those among them who have had the courage to stand for human and civil rights?

Has she considered that there is not a single Muslim country where its citizens enjoy the same measure of civil and human rights as in Western Europe & North America?; and for that very reason, we have seen large migration of Muslims into these Western countries in the past 3 decades, including a substantial percentage who are very fervent and practicing Muslims. If Islam was so great, why these fervent and practicing Muslims abandoned their Islamic homeland to seek a better life in Western Europe & North America?

As a journalist:

Has Ms. Booth ever bothered to wonder why the Islamic Republic of Iran has the highest number of imprisoned journalists in the world?

Has she wondered why the Islamic Republic of Iran has the highest number of executions per capita in the world?

Has she wondered why the rights of women are so curtailed in the Islamic Republic of Iran as well as nearly all Islamic countries, and how their governments treats their own female population?

Has she wondered why only women are subjected to stoning in Islamic Republic of Iran, Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, and certain regions of Islamic Republic of Pakistan?

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