Jealousy over “Arab” Islam

On I constantly see posts and news headlines such as “Promoting Arab Islam” and “Horror of Arab Islam.”


Maybe this stems from these Iranians racism and inferiority complexes. No one calls Christianity the “Jewish Christianity” or “Greek/Roman Christianity”. Christianities roots are both in Judaic and Roman/Greek roots. 


And everyone here knows that when posts are made with titles like “Arab Islam” that it has racist and xenophobic underlying.  It is to imply that Islam is an Arab religion that was forced upon the world, particularly on Iran.


First of all, this is easily disproven:


1) The majority of Muslims in the world are non-Arab. As a matter of fact, only 18% of Muslims are Arab while 82% are NON-ARAB 


2) The world’s largest Muslim countries (Indonesia, India, China) never had Arab armies conquer them. As a matter of fact, Arab or Muslim forces never stepped foot in those countries. So if these people think that Islam was spread by the sword — how do they explain the fact that the worlds most populous Muslim populations are countries that never saw Arab/Muslim armies?


3) A common myth is that Iranians were forced to convert to Islam by the sword. History testifies otherwise. The Ummayads who ruled over Iran preferred that the indigenous populations remain non-Muslim for two reasons:

A) Racism — Ummayads didn’t really believe in Islam and believed Arabs were superior to other races and didn’t want the bond of brotherhood to extend outside Arab tribes


B) TAXATION — The Jiziyya for non-Muslims was 20% while Zakat from Muslims was only 2.5%. So the Ummayads preferred people to remain non-Muslim as to collect more taxes from them.


Throughout Ummayad history we see constant harassment of non-Quraysh converts to Islam. They would sometimes torture or kill them to prevent other people from converting to Islam as well.


This is further proven by the fact that Persia didn’t become a majority Muslim country until 230 YEARS after the conquest of the Arabs. It was only after the rise of the Abbasids (who came to power with the help of Persian converts) that people began to freely convert to Islam and support the Muslim empires.


Iranians had ample chance to escape the yolk of Islam during the Shah’s time when Iran was under secular influence. But they chose not to. Only those who hated Islam the most left the country.


Even the green movement had slogans of “Allahu Akbar” and “Ya Hussein, Mir Hussein”.  


 Here is further proof:


The Shah and his Son (Reza Pahlavi) both ascribe to Islam, and have named their children with MUSLIM NAMES.


Reza Pahlavi is named after Imam Reza (the 9th Imam of Shi’ism). His father was “MOHAMMAD-REZA”.


Both of them have sworn on the Qur’an and done ziyarat in Mahshad.


So if Islam is so foreign and so Arab, then why has the Pahlavi dynasty that these anti-Muslims here so admire not abandoned it. Especially Reza Pahlavi that lives in the West and named his daughters “NOOR” and “IMAAN” (both Arab names, Muslim names).



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