EMINENT PERSIANS: Dr. Mossadegh’s Mother Najmeeyeh Ol Saltaneh

Special Thanks to Fariba Amini to whom goes the Full Credit for this great find which she scanned from a book in her library and was kind enough to share on FB. Dr. Mossadegh’s Mother Najmeeyeh Ol Saltaneh ( Spelling ?).

PS: Hope You don’t mind me sharing Fariba Jaan 

Fariba’s Explanation: 

ز کتاب تاریخچه قاجار

خانم نجمیه السلطنه
یکی از اولین زنان معتقد به کارخیر و موسس بیمارستان نجمیه 

و مادر نخست وزیر محبوب ایران دکتر محمد مصدق

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