Lawbreaking R Us

Once again, for the umpteenth time, IRR, the Islamist Rapist Republic, has been caught red-handed breaking international law.

For its violation of UNSC resolution 1747, which in part prohibits arms sale to and by the Islamist Rapists, yesterday the Nigerian government reported IRR to the United Nations Sanctions Committee.

After the discovery of IRR originated arms in 13 large shipping containers by the Nigerian port authorities, Motaki, the Islamist Rapist foreign minister quickly flew to Nigeria. Apparently his explanation of “The seized cargo belonged to a private company and it was for sale legitimately to a West African country,” did not satisfy the Nigerians.

The explanation that arms belonged to “a private company” makes as much sense as the explanation Islamist Rapists and their nuke lobbyists try to push, that it is all for “peaceful purposes.”

Islamist Rapists are equal opportunity lawbreakers, from the universal declaration of human rights, NPT, UNSC resolutions and many others, the Islamist Rapists feel exempt and do as they wish. It ain’t right and will not stand.


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