Change the Ayatollahs

I am watching the film Gandhi for the millionth time and I am still enjoying it. This time the word provocation rings loud.

That is what I hear. Walker the US reporter, was responsible to write and provoke the British.

That is the situation we have now. The world press does not use the correct terms to provoke the regime in Iran.

We have a different situation in Iran than Indians did with the British. The alien was clearly different. This alien is seen by some members of the press as Iranian.

I have recently taken it my mission to correct anyone who uses the word “Iran” inappropriately. Please save the name of Iran. Let Iranians be represented correctly.

Once the Ayatollahs see that they are not seen as Iranians, then they will be forced to change their view of Iranians.

We have to live with them and they with us, just like other non-Iranians. But they cannot tell take our Free Will and culture from us. They will be provoked non-violently until they put Iran above Islam.

But more importantly we need more people like Walker who express the position of both parties more clearly. The world press is responsible for the mess we are in.

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