Iranian hypocrites & demagogues

After over year and half from when IRR, the Islamist Rapist Republic, barbarically suppressed peaceful demonstrations, as far as some Iranians in diaspora are concerned, the dictionary definition of normalcy as “the state or fact of being normal” has been restored.

Things are back to normal; IRR chops limbs, strings up Iranian men, women and children in the never ending Islamist lust for death and inflicting pain.

Things are back to normal; IRR continues openly defying international law, exports terrorism and mocks the world powers as has-beens.

Things are back to normal; the hypocrites are out in force once again with their millennia theory, that as other usurpers in Iran’s long history have been, IRR will also one day be gone, therefore no need to fuss over it.

Things are back to normal; the populist demagogues are again plying their wares, blaming others for making Islamist Rapists do the only thing that they know to do, rape, pillage and destroy.

Things are back to normal; the lobbyists who while exempting themselves say “it ain’t right to get help from outside the ring” are back lobbying for IRR’s right to have nuke. After all, it is an inalienable right of Iranians which they are defending.

Things are back to normal; IRR and its gofers are back at pushing their fallacy of false dilemma. That in dealing with IRR, there are only two choices to be had. Either make a deal with it, or go to war. And since no one of sound mind wants war, lets make a deal with it. What about before Islamist Rapists impose war on Iran, helping Iranian people overthrow it? Well, that is not part of their false dilemma.

Yes normalcy has been restored.

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