Watch out! Here comes Ahmadi Nejad submrine!


The depth of Persian Gulf, at its deepst points does not reach 100 meters.   It averages around 50m,   and clearly needs adaqaute deep  see protection.   Have no fear.   Here is the state of art submarine:…

Russia, China and U.S are all concerned about this latest technological breakthough.   As can be seen the pilot of this submarine can  drawn.   Made by top grade Halabi, the fan in the back acts as an engine and can propel the sub to compete with Nafti boats we used to place in Tasht when we were kids.   It is capable of chasing fishes and dolphines provided they do not wonder off to Indian Ocean.

Asked why a normal sized pilot can not fit in , as can be seen in the photo,  the designers note this sub was  special ordered for  Ahmadi Nejad.   Hopefully he will drawn one day.

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