Q&A: Maziar Bahari on free speech in Iran

Q:      Your full account of your time in Evin prison is compelling stuff – you mention that if the Guards had consolidated their power further, you’re not sure you would have been released. Do you think things have worsened for imprisoned writers since you were allowed to leave Iran?           A:       Much worse now. They have somehow consolidated their power, not fully yet. The main problem is the unpredictability of the Iranian government and its various factions. If you knew what to expect, we would be living in a much better world….          Q:        How has the advent of the internet and other communication technologies impacted journalism and journalists in Iran? Have these changes made life easier or more difficult for journalists and writers in Iran?          A:     It’s been a blessing in terms of democratising the flow of information but it also has made the regime more paranoid. The regime hasn’t fully understood how to deal with the information on the Internet and they are paranoid about whatever they don’t understand As a result of their paranoia they commit atrocities that will eventually undermine their own regime.<... >>>

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