American Music Awards: A Review in Why

Why is Rihanna so amazeballs?

Why is Miley Cyrus barefoot?

Why is Jon Bon Jovi wearing granny pants?

Why is Katy Perry showing us her cameltoe?

Why didn’t Carrie Underwood rush onstage when Taylor Swift beat her for the award?

Why does Enrique Iglesias have more hair today than he did 5 years ago?

Why is hubby so attracted to Nicki Minaj (other than the fact her name is Nicki)?

Why did Pink steal MC Hammer’s pants?

Why didn’t they let the Dan Band perform?  The Dan Band is, like, 1000 times more awesome than any of the acts who did perform at the AMAs this year.

Why was Christina‘s Burlesque so Burlame?

Why am I so scared of Ke$ha?

Why did the big Backstreet Boys/New Kids finale feel a little sad?

Why don’t Justin Bieber and Usher get a room already?

Why do I miss Tina Turner, Michael Jackson and Madonna?


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