Oath of allegiance to Ali

In refuting the comparison between the Nazis and the Islamist Rapists ruling over Iran, there are those who recount the dissimilarities of the two. Yet there are just too many structural, as well as ideological, similarities to easily dismiss the notion.

Take for example the comparison between the rabid Nazi Brownshirts and the rabid Islamist Rapist Basijis. If the two were not almost identical in tactic and brutality, the latest news from Iran makes them almost indistinguishable.

Just like the Brownshirts who before August second 1934 when taking the oath of allegiance to the person of the “Führer” Adolf Hitler became the law had done so, the Islamist Rapist Basijies have officially begun taking “written oath of allegiance” to the person of the “leader”, the Head Rapist Ali Khamenei.

Before it is too late and this regime imposes war on Iran, Iranians and the vital region of the Middle East, the sane world has to airtight the sanctions and materially help fed up Iranians to overthrow their Islamist Rapist tyrants “reformers” and all.

Deny the obvious if you wish and it makes you feel better, however,  reality is a bitch. 



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