Leaks test Tehran’s nuclear nerve

“WikiLeaks proves the world shares concerns over a nuclear Iran.”
US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton

United States Secretary of State Hillary Clinton wants to have it both ways; lament the unauthorized release of thousands of US government and promise to do whatever is necessary to stop it, and, simultaneously, to harvest the Iran-bashing windfall those leaks provide. The 219 diplomatic cables released to date by WikiLeaks have been adopted at face value by much of the Western media, although one cannot rule out misinformation and fabricated cables to further the US and Israeli war preparations against Iran over its purported nuclear ambitions. …Some of the revelations represent manna from heaven for hawkish voices pushing for military aggression against iran…This coincides with the ominous news that a nuclear physicist, has been assassinated in the streets of Tehran,,,This reflects poorly on Iranian security… Together with Tehran’s admission that its uranium-enrichment program has been harmed by a cyber-attack, the leaks surely undermine Iran’s confidence as it is about to embark on a new round of nuclear talks with the “Iran…

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