Part I  “Know thyself”  Sun Tzu

Franklin Lamb for Veterans Today

any day, but particularly since 9/21/10, you can also see beefed up
Zionist military patrols, assorted electronic listening posts, sundry
spy devices, new Raytheon-produced surveillance equipment, two new
supposedly camouflaged cinder block one room shacks with Zionist
soldiers peering out menacingly while talking on their
(Hezbollah-monitored) cell phones to girlfriends, mothers, pals and
their HQ’s. They frequently glare from windows heavily-screened to keep
out stones that tourists on the Lebanon side of the ‘blue line’
regularly throw at them when UNIFIL guys aren’t paying attention or shoo
them away. You can also see land mine fields, wide soft sand swatches
along the wire fences to detect trespassing neighbors footprints, a
couple of orchards, and the edges of three colonial settlements. And if
one were to squint, like really squint, or better yet, risk getting shot
between the eyes by a Zionist sniper with an American 7.62 mm, Sniper
Weapon System, M24 (called a “system” because it can be used with
various detachable telescopic sights and other accessories) and were to
use some Barska Cosmos 25X100 binoculars, one might see, well, vent

These air ducts, according to imaginative and joking
village kids, are guarded by specially traine… >>>

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