The Folly of Attacking Iran – Haven’t we learned anything from the Iraq war?

War on Iran: Israel wants it. Various Arab rulers want it. The
Obama administration has not ruled it out. It may be inevitable,
and it could come any time.

Hello? A U.S. attack on a Middle Eastern country that has not
attacked us and poses no threat to our security, out of panic over
alleged weapons of mass destruction? Haven’t we tried that, and
didn’t we learn anything about starting wars we don’t know how to

A preemptive strike on Iranian nuclear facilities has long been
on the wish list of American conservatives and the government of
Israel. Now we learn, thanks to WikiLeaks, that Saudi Arabia and
other Arab governments have also been clicking on the “Like”

Officials in Bahrain, Jordan and Abu Dhabi have privately urged
the United States to send bombers. The king of Saudi Arabia has
repeatedly asked us, as the Saudi ambassador to Washington put it,
to “cut off the head of the snake.”

The administration has stressed diplomatic efforts and economic
sanctions, but the military option is a live one. As a candidate,
Barack Obama insisted, “The world must prevent Iran from obtaining
a nuclear weapon.” Adm. Mike Mullen, chairman of the Joint Chiefs
of Staff, confirmed last summer that the military has a plan for
attacking Iran.

Even if the United States holds fire, Isr… >>>

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