Head of state, Mahmoud Ahmadenijad, is a very forthright Iranian. I say this because after I watched several interviews with Charlie Rose, I found the man to be other than what people categorize him to be. In my opinion, he is anything but irrational as the West and the U.N. would have us believe. As an American patriot and often times a nationalist, I find it’s better sometimes to allow someone the opportunity to prove themselves rather than label them evil simply because they don’t agree with our way of doing things. This is wrong. Especially when our attitudes are based on what we define as morality.

If I were to label Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, I would call him an idealist and pragmatist, but not a hothead. Nor is he an impractical man when it comes to politics. What leader of their country does not want the best for his or her people? Even Adolf Hitler conveyed this type of idealism for Germany, in spite of his hate and murderous abuse of the Jews. Point being, his responsibility to his country came first and its safety.

In the last paragraph I used the term safety. This is after all what is the most important achievement any leader can accomplish when he or she takes office is to make damn sure the country is safe from foreign attack. This can only guarantee the voters who put such a person in office a chance to live a peaceful and normal life with some assurance their children will have the same opportunities.


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