Israel, NATO Launch Spying Operation against Iran at Afghan Borders

(FNA)- A prominent Afghan military analyst unveiled that Israel has
deployed its troops at a NATO base in Afghanistan near Iran’s border to
launch joint operations against the Islamic Republic.

to FNA about NATO’s $184 million plan to upgrade Shindand Air Base in
Western Afghanistan and 20 miles from the Iranian border, Javid
Kohestani said, “The NATO member states are reconstructing the base in a
bid to harm the Islamic Republic of Iran and to spy against Iran.”

recalled previous reports about the deployment of Israeli forces in
Shindand base, and noted, “Accordingly, the reconstruction of the base
by the NATO is considered as one of the NATO’s clandestine programs to
harm the Islamic Republic of Iran and promote Israel’s spying activities
in the region.”

Kohestani believes that the base has been handed to Israel for conducting sabotage operations in Iran’s eastern regions.

The United States and NATO have 150,000 troops in Afghanistan, following a military surge ordered by President Barack Obama.

Iranian security officials have always underlined that the terrorists
who carried out terrorist attacks in Iran’s Southeastern province of
Sistan and Balouchestan had certainly been funded by certain foreign

The Iranian officials also noted that the confessions
made by Abdolm… >>>

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