Ashtiani recounts murder on Press TV

An Iranian woman convicted of murder and adultery has accompanied a team of TV production group to her house to recount details of killing her husband at the crime scene.
Contrary to a vast publicity campaign by Western media that confessed murderer Sakineh Mohammadi Ashtiani has been released, a team of broadcast production team with the Iran-based Press TV has arranged with Iran’s judicial authorities to follow Ashtiani to her house to produce a visual recount of the crime at the murder scene.
Press TV’s “Iran Today” program, will shed light on the highways and byways of the murder account with multiple interviews with people and individuals involved in the case.
Sajjad Asgharzadeh, Sakineh’s son, and her lwayer Hootan Kian are among the individuals that have spoken to the production team.
Earlier on Thursday, some western media outlets claimed that Ashtiani has been released from prison.
Iran has cited political motives behind the Western propaganda effort regarding the legal ruling against Mohammadi-Ashtiani, arguing that the publicity scheme is part of a Western campaign to undermine the Islamic Republic establishment.
Ashtiani has been found guilty of murdering her husband, Ibrahim Asgharzadeh, in collusion with another man, Isa Taheri, whom she had an affair with before the murder.
Press TV’s “Iran Today” program on Ashtiani’s case is scheduled to go on air on Friday December 10 at 20:35 GMT and will be …

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