Israel appears only in 77 Wikileaks docs

study of the U.S. State Department cables so far released by the
WikiLeaks showed that there are merely 77 documents which mention Israel
and only a handful have material pertaining to Tel Aviv.

On its website WikiLeaks says it has so far released “almost 20,000” of the “251,287 leaked United States embassy cables.”

The release, however, raised questions as it doe not contain any incriminating or embarrassing document against Israel.

“No classified Israeli material was exposed by WikiLeaks,” Israeli
Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said in November, suggesting that Tel
Aviv viewed the release as a positive.

An Israeli-born investigative journalist has found evidence that
WikiLeaks “struck a deal with Israel,” based on which the websites
founder Julian Assange would withhold cables incriminating Israel in
exchange for money.

Lia Abramovitch — an Israeli investigative Journalist born to
holocaust-survivor parents — who writes for Syriatruth website, cites
former WikiLeaks spokesperson Daniel Domscheit-Berg as her source.

Domscheit-Berg says Assange had received money from semi-official
Israeli sources and promised them, in a “secret, video-recorded

That explains why there’s only one document that touches the issue of Israel’s nuclear weapons, alb…

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