The American Dynasty

I am on my melancholic countdown to go back to work, after a week off at home. So should you care? Not at all. I didn’t know my wife has subscription to Vanity Fair, one of those glossy magazines with good smelling pages; do you have to give a hoot, yet? I don’t think so. So I picked it up from the mail box today, ripped its plastic cover open, and tried to find some good-looking naked girls about one-third of my age; here you should start paying attention, because somewhere in this issue I found a featured article about Jackie O (please spare this reticent fellow the need to describe Jackie O’s life in details). This article is about the widow of an ex-president of the US of A, let alone an ex-bride to an American dynasty family who had to work for a living after the death of her second husband.

Now, this is my question for which I have received some answers in reference to my mother’s and my sister’s private parts in the past. But I am going to try it yet one more glorious time:

How come the widow of the deposed Shah of Iran never had to work for a living?

I have to make it up to Ari for stealing his cartoon as the top image here. I can assure him it was entirely coincidental! 

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