Did Wikileaks cut a deal with Israel?

Reports are coming in that the online whistleblowing outfit Wikileaks‘ boss Julian Assange
did a deal with the Israeli government to protect its interests in
return for donations and perhaps a large number of diplomatic cables.

Suspicions were first aroused when there was nothing about Israel in
the diplomatic cables and indeed there were other holes in the
chronology when Israel was bombing schools with white phosphorus. It
would have been considered odd for the US government diplomatic core not to post something during this period but the Wikileaks record is empty.

While the US is deeply embarrassed as its views on world leaders and
its allies were made public, Wikileaks is silent about Israel.

all the material points to Iran being a major world problem and
building nuclear weapons to wage a terrible war on its neighbours.

Aluf Benn wrote in Haaretz that
thanks to Wikileaks there is now no fear “Washington will exert heavy
pressure on Israel to freeze settlement con… >>>

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