Neocon’s Iran plan: Assassinations, human rights

      Washington Post scribe calls for United States to kill civilian scientists — while also prioritizing human rights

The Washington Post’s new neoconservative blogger, Jennifer Rubin, is up with a big post laying out four steps for a “reset” of America’s policy toward Iran.

Rubin’s four-point plan contains this remarkably unselfconscious juxtaposition of ideas:


Second, we should continue and enhance espionage and sabotage of
the Iranian nuclear program. Every nuclear scientist who has a “car
accident” and every computer virus buys us time, setting back the
timeline for Iran’s nuclear capability, while exacting a price for those
who cooperate with the nuclear program. Think of it as the ultimate
targeted sanction.

Third, we need to make human rights a central theme in our
bilateral and multilateral diplomacy regarding Iran. The spotlight on
the noxious regime helps to undermine the regime’s legitimacy at home
and emboldens the Green Movement. We should test the theory that the
most effective disarmament strategy is a robust human rights policy, one
that includes th… >>>

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