‘US army recruits criminals for wars’

The US army recruits whoever is willing to sign up, including
criminals, and this has raised the number of cases of sexual assault
within the military, an analyst says.

“We are taking in all sorts of people, who have no business serving
in uniform; people who have been convicted of violent crimes; people who
are used to run around in gangs and things like this,” author and
political commentator Mark Glenn said in an interview with Press TV on

The US military is taking anyone, who walks through the door, which just adds to the danger facing women (soldiers), he added.

Glenn attributed the problem especially to the moral and spiritual
deterioration of American society over the course of the last three

He argued that “the US military is suffering from very serious
public relations setbacks,” and that the failure in the Iraq and Afghan
wars are exacerbating the situation.

The US military needs plenty of young people for its wars in the
Middle East and “they do not want any bad publicity hitting the news at
this time because it makes recruitment all the more difficult,” he

The American Civil Liberties Union and the Service Women’s Action
Network have filed a lawsuit against Pentagon for refusing to release
records of sex crimes within the US military.

According t…

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