Dariush & Faramarz Aslani Announcing 2011 Concert Tour

In one of the first tours of its kind, Dariush and Faramarz Aslani will be announcing their upcoming concert tour for 2011 very soon. Both of these legendary artists have released best-selling albums this year: Dariush’s Donyaye In Roozaye Man has been critically acclaimed as one of his best albums and produced many hit singles. And after much anticipation, Khatte Sevvomshowcased Faramarz Aslani’s sultry and powerful voice with new amazing songs. 

The tour will include up to 7 North American cities in the first part of the year including Vancouver, Orange County, Phoenix, Chicago and New York. The second part of the tour will take place in the fall of 2011 and is expected to include Washington D.C., Atlanta, Toronto, San Francisco, Orlando, Houston and maybe Los Angeles & Las Vegas. 

Canadian based company, Pocket Ace Productions, is producing the Dariush & Faramarz Aslani 2011 Tour, and Radio Javan is the proud exclusive online sponsor of this spectacular tour. Details for each event will be announced shortly and tickets will be available soon. 

Stay tuned for special news that will be announced regarding collaborated projects between these two artists. 

For continuing coverage and announcements of the tour, you can visit the dedicated Radio Javan page.


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