Sotoudeh’s courageous battle reminds us that tyranny can’t stand in the way of a people yearning to be free

The news of Nasrin Sotoudeh’s courageous battle, from inside the walls of the notorious prison of the theocratic regime, against our oppressors reminds us that in the end no tyrant can stand in the way of a people yearning to be free.


Nasrin Sotoudeh is a human rights lawyer and now political prisoner in Iran.  The regime today is so fearful of it’s citizenry that no activist, no journalist, no student, no blogger, in short, no one is safe. And as they grow desperate, they grow even more vicious.


It is heartwarming to see the unity amongst my compatriots of different political perspectives in support of Ms Sotoudeh.  To know and appreciate that there are causes which transcend our daily petty political differences is to appreciate our great historic opportunity.  The cause of Nasrin Sotoudeh, indeed the cause of human rights and dignity in Iran, is just such a cause.  One that transcends all of our differences.


I call upon the community of nations and concerned citizens of the world to speak out and call for the immediate release of Nasrin Sotoudeh.


I call upon my compatriots inside and outside Iran to continue relentless pressure on host governments in the countries they reside and to the UN.


I salute Nas… >>>

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