Turnover and Turmoil in the Ahmadinejad Administration

The Tehran-based political analyst interviewed by Deutsche Welle agreed, saying of Mottaki’s firing, “This decision was not what the Leader wanted and this has great importance. It means that there are efforts to transfer the center of gravity of Iranian diplomacy from the Leader to the president. Another implication is that Mashaei is effectively becoming the president, meaning in practical terms that he is making all the decisions for the president. This is what Kayhan is protesting.”

In another development, Mehrdad Bazrpash, a close aide to Ahmadinejad and head of the National Organization for the Youth (NOY), was also fired. No official reason has been given, but Jahan News reported that Mashaei suggested to Bazrpash that he become Ahmadinejad’s special envoy for Africa. According to the report, Bazrpash refused, saying, “This would be doing work parallel to the Foreign Ministry, which I am not ready to accept. If you do not want me to be involved with the NOY, state it more explicitly.” He was referring to Khamenei’s order of last September that forbade Ahmadinejad from appointing special envoys, calling it “parallel work.” Mashaei has claimed that Bazrpash actually resigned two years ago, though he has been NOY chair for only 18 months.

Kaleme, Mousavi’s website, has reported that another minister in Ahmadinejad’s cabinet will soon be fired for opposing Mashaei. While speculations are rampant, the most likely to be dropped appears to be Minister of Int… >>>

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