Apology: Military ads

A while back I made a public commitment here not to run military-related ads on iranian.com.

A couple of days ago I saw ads from the U.S. military to recruit Persian speakers and translators. I initially thought they were coming from google. Anyone can go to google AdSense and pay for their ad to show up on sites like iranian.com. We can block the ones we don’t approve and have no commitment to run them. And we have done so in the past with CIA recruitment ads, Israeli military ads, pornography, certain Islamic sites…

The latest ads are different. They have already paid us directly. I had forgotten to mention to our advertising manager to refuse these sorts of ads. When I learned about the U.S. military ad, I asked that they be removed and refunded.

However, iranian.com is going through a major reorganization and we are unable to make a refund. The ads will be back up until mid-January as scheduled.

iranian.com’s current investors are selling their shares and from next month I will be working with new partners. The deal has been in the works for several months. I will give you more details soon.

I apologize for this mistake. I will continue to do my best to keep iranian.com free of military-related ads.

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