Iranian Azerbaijani Student’s Open Letter to Secretary-General of United Nations

His Excellency,
The General Secretary of United Nations, According to several statistics, more than thirty million Turks live in Iran. They are one of the native and most ancient inhabitants of this country and we can see them almost in all provinces of Iran. Most of these Turks live in South Azerbaijan, located into six provinces, including West Azerbaijan, East Azerbaijan, Ardabil, Zanjan, Qazvin and Hamadan.

Beginning from the reign of Riza Pahlavi (1922) cultural assimilation has been the main policy of Iran governments. Melancholia of “one nation, one culture” and “superior race” made him to choose this policy. Many dependant historians began to write fictious history about Turks of Azerbaijan. They wrote that these Turks are Aryans whose language changed through Mongols invasion.

Now Turks considered as second degree citizens. After the Iran Revolution in 1979, despite a series of changes in the structure of government, the policy of assimilation and contempt of Non-Persian races continued. Turks of Azerbaijan were in the centre of these attacks. This unfair policy put them in the process of unwished assimilation and acculturation.

This policy runs now. Iran is on the threshold of a cultural tragedy. Dying of different cultures and languages will be the result of Aryanist Racism.

Persecution and arresting of Azerbaijan cultural actives have intensified these days. Azerbaijani students, as a part of Azerbaijan cultural actives, persistently ask United Nations for pay attention to the violation of ethnic groups rights in Iran.

Azerbaijani Students

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