What happened to the surplus earning from oil and gas?

The government of Ahmadi-Nejad must answer, how they have spent the money earned from gas and oil. Based on the law, 20% of the money earned from oil industries must be deposited to the nationnal development prjects. The rest must be deposited to the reserve. This has not happened.

According to Zabol representative, who is the assistant commisioner to budget and planning, based on the law, 20% of income form oil and gas must be deposited to to the national development, but no such deposit was made this year.

Abas Ali Noura, the Zabol representative added:   The government (of Ahmadi-Nejad) must be held accountable for the money it earns from the sale of oil and gas, and must explain where/how this monies were spent?

This Majles representative added, because Iran’s centeral bank does not wield enough indpendence, we can not hold them accountable and the responsibility for this squarely falls on Ahmadi-Nejad government.


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