The People Vs. Sargord Reality TV Show Is On The Air!

I (Rosie/Robin–aka persona non grata to some…) would like to respectfully request that all vehement replies to Sargord’s snitty comments on the Alireza threads designed to goad people into making them be posted on this special thread I made just for him. That way maybe the other threads can rest in peace, and do what they’re supposed to do. Grieve. Debate. Think. Cope. Understand. (And btw, as someone who isn’t reading the site regularly, it’s glaringly obvious that the Judge Judy circus side show known as The People Vs. Sargord, has begun to colonize the site like the Borg in heat. That’s the advantage of being an exile among exiles. You get to see the bird’s eye view). 

Thread empty? That’s my whole point. Doesn’t it look nice empty? What’s the point in ruining all the other threads saying the same things over and over, especially to someone who can’t wait to hear you say them? I mean, at least right now? No point. None at all.  But fans, please do not despair. The ongoing macabre (and boring) sitcom will no doubt be broadcast in the near future with excellent ratings on many, many threads–ad nauseum. But of course if you want to vent here, feel free.

Sargord, I like you. I’ve told you that before. Incredible as it may be, I do. But….well, anyway, Sargord, please feel free to post here too. I won’t say a thing. But  I promise I’ll read every single solitary obnoxious word.


Rosie on two day furlough from exile in Evin

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