‘US prison puts Shahrzad life in danger’

The family of Shahrzad
Mir-Qolikhan, an innocent Iranian woman who has been detained in a
prison in the United States for three years, has expressed serious
concern about her health.

“Violence and corruption in (the US) prison have raised our concern
about her health,” Mir-Qolikhan’s mother, Belqeys Roshan, told Fars news
agency on Sunday.

Following a physical conflict between prisoners last week, Shahrzad
called on security officials of the prison to help a black woman who
sustained bloodshed and suffered a fracture and prevent her death,
Roshan said.

The attacker forced Shahrzad into a cell and threatened her to commit the same violent act, she added.

Mir-Qolikhan’s mother said her daughter cannot sleep at night in
fear of being raped and added that a prisoner in Shahrzad’s cell rents
her bed to homosexuals.

“This made my daughter suffer from mental torture, but she cannot protest the issue,” she went on to say.

She noted that psychologists in the US prison have made efforts to
pretend that she is mentally ill in order to claim that “she will
someday commit suicide due to mental problems.”

Mir-Qolikhan was arrested in the US in December 2007, after being
forced to return to the States from a vacation in Cyprus. She has been
permitted brief phone calls to her family in Iran — twin daugh…

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