Germany Wouldn’t Join Military Action to Halt Iran Nuclear Aims

Germany wouldn’t join in a military
strike to halt Iran’s suspected nuclear weapons program even if
the U.S. determined that such action was required, Germany’s
deputy foreign minister, Werner Hoyer, said today.

“We are definitely not going to participate in a military
action” to scuttle Iran’s suspected nuclear bomb program, Hoyer
said in an interview in Bloomberg’s Washington Bureau. “This is
something the United States will one day have to decide if the
situation cannot be avoided, but we hope it can be avoided,” he

Germany is one of six nations, along with the U.S., China, France, Russia and the U.K., that have tried for several years
to persuade Iran’s leaders to abandon efforts to enrich uranium
and develop technology that may be used to build a nuclear
weapon. Iran’s leaders say their program is for civilian nuclear
energy production and medical research.

Germany favors “step-by step negotiations” to build up
trust with Iran, “but at the sa… >>>

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