Pink Lipstick / Roje Lab Sorati

Story: Ga-eun is a sweet girl who grew up in a wealthy family. She dates Jung-Woo in college and eventually marries him. But Jung-Woo was secretly carrying on an affair with her best friend, Mi-ran. Using Mi-ran’s wealth, Jung-Woo takes over her family’s fashion empire and then divorces her. Later on, Ga-eun is shocked to learn that their adopted child was actually Jung-Woo’s and Mi-ran’s lovechild. To get revenge on her ex-husband, she marries Maeng Ho-geol, a wealthy clothing distributor, with the intention of making her ex-husband and former best friend pay dearly for what they did to her.   Watch here:  ..:: Pink Lipstick / Roje Lab Sorati ::.. 

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