Who came in the glass Ferrari, and who pays the bill?

Had this weird dream last night where I and four other IC residents got together for dinner and drinks at an atomospheric Persian restaurant where every food was on the menu. There was JJ, Monda, Nazy, Majid and I. Each arrived in a different way. Someone came in a glass Ferrari, another one surfed through the door on a silver tea tray skateboard, one of us stepped out of a surplus Pahlavi kaaleskeh, and another jumped screaming out of the bus from the movie Speed. The person who materialized out of a Star Trek transporter beam right into the restaurant won the cheshm ham cheshmi. Funny though, I can’t remember from the dream which of us came in what form of transportation; I just remember what they were. That’s dreams for you!

Same with the foods; we each ordered something different: abgoosht, donbalan, mirza ghasemi, koofteh tabrizi, kaleh pacheh. The drinks we each ordered: margarita, martini, screwdriver, whiskey, and a strange new concoction called vodka sandis. The maitre d’ who looked like Firouzabadi in a mattress sized tux seated us in a row on a takht carpeted with a Baluchi design.

Then we got into a hot discussion about the bloggers we each obsessively track and read. Here’s the list: MPD, divaneh, Fred, Faramarz and Sargord. I only remember two people’s blog idol; the rest is a blank.

So now I need help figuring out who sat where on the takht, who ordered what food, what drink each ordered, what form of transportation we each used, and who was a devotee of which blogger. Before I woke up, Firouzabadi said that I would remember enough facts from the dream to sort it all out. I’m not sure whether to trust him, but here’s what I remember:

  1. I ordered a martini.
  2. The person sitting exactly in the middle came on the tea tray skateboard
  3. JJ ordered mirza ghasemi for dinner.
  4. Nazy kept checking her smart phone for the next MPD comment. She was sitting to the left of Monda.
  5. To the right of the person who sang praises for divaneh sat the person who ordered the screwdriver.
  6. Monda ordered abgoosht and liked Fred so much she said if only we were allowed five blogs a day Fred blogs could substitute for namaaz.
  7. The Sargord fan who knew by heart all the names people call Sargord sat next to the person who came in the fancy kaaleskeh.
  8. The person who ordered the margarita ordered kaleh pacheh for dinner.
  9. Majid ordered koofteh tabrizi and was sitting to the right of the person who ordered the screwdriver.
  10. The person who materialized in the Star Trek beam ordered a double scotch whiskey right away.
  11. Majid sat next to the person who jumped out of the Speed bus.
  12. Someone sitting at one end of the takht couldn’t stop talking about Farmarz blogs.
  13. The person who came on the skateboard ordered donbalan.
  14. The Faramarz groupie sat next to the Sargord fan.
  15. Whoever ordered the abgoosht was too drunk with whiskey to tileet bread.

In the dream, Firouzabadi said whoever ordered the vodka sandis had to pay the bill. That’s why we really need to figure this out.

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