How I see now that I have been here two years

On the comment thread of Ari’s latest blog, Faramarz was wondering how people who put time and effort into on a regular basis, see IC and Ari seconded him and noted that he was looking forward to this blog. Now that two of my favorite writers have asked for it, how can I say no. I did not want to wait to write this blog since sometimes when I have an idea for a blog or
intention to write it and wait, and then it never happens.

It is actually fitting for me to write such a blog now since it is two years from the time that I became a registered user. Before that, I had read IC and even contributed a blog here and there but my contributions were nothing like the past two years. I could not have chosen a better time to become a regular contributor. 2009 with Iranian presidential election and its aftermath
was a year that it was great to be able to contribute to and read other writers’ contributions.

Overall, I see IC positively. I have come to know manygreat writers through this site and I have my favorites. I knew some of these writers before becoming a regular contributor to IC. For instance, I was familiar with Nazy Kaviani’ writings even before but most of the others, I did not know.  So I really appreciate that because of IC, I know these writers/poets and get to read their works on a regular basis. Writers including Ari Siltez, Orang Gholikhani, Azadeh Azad, Azarin Sadegh, Hossein Bagherzadeh, MPD, and so many others have become my favorites now. I also like the fact that I have made some friends whom I have met in real life.

Recently I was reminded that how about 1999, I had an idea for a site which was actually something like
At that time, I did not know about IC.  Any way, I never got a chance to act upon my idea and if I had done more
research, I probably would have concluded that I should not have started the website since there was already IC.


This takes me to the point that how groundbreaking is. Since in life, many people have great ideas but what are great ideas until one really manages to do something about them so others see the fruits of the idea, and that is what Jahanshah Javid has managed to do with IC. As far as how I see IC since I put regular time and effort into it, I have to say that great thing about IC is that even if one does not contribute, they get a lot out of it just by reading.

Rather than writing more, now that is anniversary of my two years of becoming a registered user, I wanted to have a link to some blogs and articles that I have read on IC in past two years which have been some of my favorites, here, they are:


From Ari Siltez:

From Azadeh Azad:…

From Azarin Sadegh:

 David ET:…

From Divaneh:

From Flying Solo:

From Hossein Bagherzadeh:

From Jahanshah Javid:

From MM:…

From Multiple Personality Disorder:…

From Nazy Kaviani:…

From Orang Gholikhani:

From Souri:…


Ok, guys and gals, this is a difficult task. There are so many great stories, poems and features that it will take hours for me to
list all my favorite writers and samples of their works. I have left out so many from the above list.  But I think you get my point. It was not only my pleasure to select these blogs and articles, but it was eye opening too. Among above writings, you see one of our own IC writers correctly predicting the unrest after elections and another one having suggestions for 2009 movement which if followed by them, Iran may not have been where it is now.

Please note that these are my selections, my favorite writers and each reader has his/her own favorite writers whom they follow. Some may be like I was about two years ago when I would ask my IC friends for the name of their favorite writers.

Cheers to, its publisher, contributors and the readers.  Also last but not least to the investors, old and new!



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