UN making a Farce out of Iranians.

It has come to a point, that only the main stream media, bothers to report the developments in the UN nuclear negotiations.  Every one else, such as bloggers, twitterers, forums, knows that the interests of Iran are not represented by anyone.  The Ayatollahs have no interest in Iran.  For them a weapon is more important than anything else, to achieve their agenda.

If the Ayatollahs were given the most powerful force on Earth, they would take over the UN and put some Ayatollah on top of it.  They do not like the existing system in the world, let alone Iran.  Aspiring politicians and journalists all try to make a comment, but they all miss the most important point. You are helping the Ayatollahs be accepted when you refer to them as Iranian.

Below is a classic article:


How many of these articles have we seen?  These articles have served to put madmen on the world stage and make them look respectable.  I would say the media is as much to blame as the Ayatollahs for all the mess we are in. 

Being Iranian is different.  If the Iranian culture did poses the strongest force in the world, as it did once under Cyrus the Great, it would put Human Rights first. As it happens, a copy of Cyrus’s cylinder is in the UN. So why is it that the UN recognises people, who do not put Human Rights and have no care for Iranians, as representatives of Iranians in the UN.  Imagine another country invading Iran, killing Iranians, and then having a member of theirs in the UN.  The UN would not allow it.  So why do they put up with this alien force?

The UN has to realise that it is dealing with people who are under occupation and need better representatives.  Do hostage takers in a Bank represent the hostages when there is a bank robbery?  This is what has happened to Iran.  The world knows many decent well educated Iranians, that can represent the Iranian nation, who are not in Iran, and can speak on behalf of Iran.  You can put a hundred top Iranians’ names in a box and pick eleven of them and they would be able to do the basics.

By negotiating with the Ayatollahs, the UN is making a farce out of the Iranian culture. It is telling Iranians that we know you as Ayatollahs.  The people of Iran have not been given any other choice.  But we all know that we make our own choices, by Grace of Ahuramazda we have Free Will as written in the Zend-Avesta.  We need to exersize that Free Will, and we have.  No Iranian accepts these Ayatollahs.  We do not refer to Ayatollahs as Iranians.  It is about time the UN did the same.  Throw out the Ayatollahs’ representative, until he has gone to Najaf, set up his own democratic nation.

Once you get an Iranian in the UN, you will get agreements, as like any other normal nation state.  There nothing peculiarly odd about Iranians.  We are Human Beings just like anyone else.  We are living under gun-point. Help us.  Do not refer to these Ayatollahs as Iranians in writing or in any forum virtual or real, especially at the UN. 

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