Ebrahim Yazdi is a democrat

Kudos to the more than 130 scientific and university personalities of the world for writing a letter to the Head Rapist Khamenei and five other Islamist Rapist fat cats demanding “the immediate and unconditional release” of  Ebrahim Yazdi, the Secretary-General of the “Freedom Movement”,  as well as “ all the prisoners of conscience” in Iran.

The eighty year old Mr. Yazadi is suffering from a number of ailments requiring intensive medical care. Apparently he is being kept in one of the Islamist Rapists’ Ministray of Intellegence “safe houses” and not in a hospital where he needs to be.

As commendable and needed the demand for the “unconditional” release of all the many hundreds if not thousands of prisoners of conscience, there is no need to assign unwarranted and undeserved accolades to Mr. Yazadi.

The letter writers claim that Mr. Yazdi is “an honorable man who has dedicated more than 60 years of his life to the democratic reform in Iran and the propagation of respect for human rights in the entire world of Islam.”

There are many who have a lot to say about the validity of this description of Mr. Yazdi’s life work and there is ample evidence to back up their claim.

There should be not an iota of a doubt about the unconditional and immediate release of Mr. Yazdi along all other prisoners, however, lifelong democrat he has not been.

Mr. Yazdi is a lifelong Islamist who had a major role in the installation and solidification of the current Islamist Rapist Republic. In the ongoing Islamist turf war, Mr. yazdi’s faction has lost and his former Islamist comrades have turned on their Islamist rivals.



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