WPost Still Talking Tough on Iran

Just as some Republicans view tax cuts as the answer to all domestic
problems, the Washington Post’s neoconservative editors see “regime
change” in hostile Muslim nations as the only acceptable option,
ignoring the slippage in U.S. influence in the Middle East that has
resulted from following that approach in Iraq and elsewhere. 

The Post was at it again on Tuesday with
about the latest round of talks with Iran over its nuclear program.
Noting the lack of progress – and apparent failure of new economic
sanctions to soften up Tehran – the Post’s editors were dreaming again
about “regime change” in the form of helping the “Green Movement”
topple President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.

“By doing more to support the
Iranian opposition, the United States could press the regime where it
actually feels threatened,” the Post wrote. “It could also send an
important message to Iranians: that the international coalition seeks
not to punish them but to weaken the government they despise.”

But the Post’s position
reflects a narrative of recent histor…

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