Neda was a streetwalker, video

Neda was a streetwalker; yes that Neda, the one who’s last moments of life gasping for breath after being shot was captured on video and broadcasted all over the globe.

This revelation comes from Abbas Kargar-Javid. He is the assailant, his identification card identifying him as a member of the Islamist Rapist Republic’s Brownshirts, aka the Basij was taken from him by the bystanders who witnessed him murdering Neda.

 In a telephone interview Neda’s mother recounts what Abbas told her when she came face to face with him in the “prosecutor’s” office. Abbas tells her that Neda was a streetwalker who had no father or mother …

Lets assume Abbas is right and Neda was what he says she was, as a human being did she deserve to be gunned down in cold blood?

Islamist Rapists’ sense of morality, fairness and justice is quite literally breathtaking.

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