an earthquake in the Mediterranean sets off a tsunami that hits the
North African and Eastern Mediterranean coasts. The tsunami roiling
across the region for the past two weeks is land-based, digital
communications driven and man-made.

NBC’s chief foreign correspondent Richard Engel has traded dodging
bullets and mortar shells in Iraq and Afghanistan for dodging tear gas
and smoke in Cairo. Hundreds of police vehicles and dozens of
government buildings are on fire across Egypt’s capital. The Egyptian
police have tried controlling the rioting with tear gas canisters
clearly labeled “made in USA” which Engel said could have the
consequence of making the rioters think America is behind the attempts
to repress the demonstrations. So far, 45 Egyptians have died, 38 since
Friday, and over 2,000 have been injured. The police are trying to use
riot control devices like rubber bullets instead of lethal force while
the protesters are literally ripping up road ways to throw concrete and
blacktop at them. There have be no reports of wide-spread use of guns
by the protesters. The death toll is rising as the protesters have
stormed government offices in the past 24 hours.

Thousands of tourists have jammed the Cairo airport trying to get out
of the country and Israel has sent a Navy vessel to rescue its
citizens. 90,000 American… >>>

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