Iranian Revolution turns 32

Achievement to be admired:



Islamic Revolution

*Unique achievement beholden of neither superpower  *Led by Imam Ayatollah Khomeini *Western agents killed over 1,200 figures involved in Revolution
*Enjoys mass public support *Helped Iran make remarkable progress in all fields *Model for all Muslims *An obsession of US and allies



Iran’s Islamic Revolution turns 32 this month and when we consider
the pressures exerted on it during these years since the Shah’s regime
was overthrown, even the Islamic nation’s strongest critics cannot but
admit that there is something special about the Revolution.

If still there is doubt about this, we should go back to study how
the Revolution occurred and what it signalled for the prevailing
dominant global order.

We will find that despite much hype about national independence
movements in the early part of the last century that culminated in the
emergence of scores of new states on the world map, their independence
was fraudulent. The regimes that emerged from the bowels of colonialism
were as much a part of the colonial system as they were during direct
colonialism imposed from Europe.

Business as usual

Only the rulers’ faces changed; from white men lording over

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