Court Hearing Held on Dutch National’s Chemical Arms Deal with Saddam

TEHRAN (FNA)- The court hearing on chemical arms deal between a
Dutch businessman Frans van Anraat and former Iraqi dictator, Saddam
Hussein, was held in Hague.

A number of Iranians disabled in the gas attacks by Iraqi forces
during Saddam Hussein’s rule in the 1980’s have filed a lawsuit against
Anraat, who sold chemical arms to Baghdad at the time.

During the court session held on Monday, January 31, the attorney
representing the Iranian nationals demanded the Dutch businessman make
reparation to the victims, a report by the Iranian embassy in The Hague

In the hearing session, Anraat claimed the materials he had supplied
to Iraq were dual-use items and could be used in the textile industry
as well. The defendant also claimed he did not have finances to
compensate the victims even if convicted.

The plaintiffs’ attorney argued that the court had already proven
the materials Anraat had sold to Iraq were used in chemical weapons, and
that Anraat was well aware of that.

The attorney further said Anraat’s bankruptcy claim was not proven,
and that the fortune he had made through illegal trade with Baghdad was
most likely still available.

The Hague will continue to look into the case before issuing a final verdict.

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