Israeli, U.S. generals taking control in Egypt

TEHRAN – Two senior Israeli officers and
three U.S. generals have arrived in Cairo to take control of the
military command in Egypt, an anonymous source has told the Tehran

The command council is headed by a general named Sisson, the source
said. One of the options that the generals are weighing is staging a
military coup in Egypt.

The decision shows that the United States and Israel are
seriously worried about the fate of Hosni Mubarak’s regime as
unprecedented protests have gripped Egypt.

Israel has officially announced that it is “anxiously monitoring” developments in Egypt.

The Mubarak regime has been an important ally of Israel and the
U.S. in the region and its collapse would be a great strategic loss for
the two countries.

Mubarak’s government angered the Islamic world when it refused
to open the Rafah border crossing for relief workers seeking to provide
medical assistance to the Palestinians during Israel’s 22-day war on the
Gaza Strip from December 2008 to January 2009.

Political analysts believe it is unlikely that the Mubarak
government will survive protests as opposition groups have joined their
hands to bring the government down.

Now political analysts say the point is whether the … >>>

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