Zahra’s Palestinian connection

Those who regularly condemn the barbaric treatment IRR, the Islamist Rapist Republic, dishes out to the Iranian people, have heard it all before.

Highlight anything the savage Islamist Rapists do to Iran and Iranians and invariably Islamists/anti-Semites and their likeminded lap poodles of lefty allies come back with the astonishing defense of, what about elsewhere, more often than not Palestine.

In other word, the justification of the incredible barbarism done to Iran and Iranians is based on what is being done elsewhere. And since the complainant is not simultaneously mentioning the plight of the Palestinians, his/her condemnation of the lovely Islamist Rapists is tainted and invalid.

This is the logic Ramin Mehmanparast, the Islamist Rapists’ foreign ministry spokesman just used in defending their round the clock execution of Iranians including the recent hanging of Zahra Bahrami, a Dutch-Iranian woman. The Islamist Rapist said:

“Why do they make such noise over a person executed for smuggling or someone on trial over adultery, while they do not defend thousands of Palestinians who innocently die?”

And these barbarians with this sort of sound logic wanted to host the UNESCO’s Philosophy Day and are after getting nuke to “manage the world.” 

Ps. To have a head start, those who wish to condemn the imminent execution of the 35 year old Iranian-Canadian Saeed Malekpour, better start complaining about the plight of the Palestinians now.

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