The New York Times Lumps the Catholic Church with the Mafia and the Muslim Brotherhood

The New York Times is not known for delicate restraint in its treatment of the Catholic Church. Executive editor Bill Keller (despite somehow marrying his second wife in the Church) trashed Pope John Paul the Great in 2002: “One paradox of the Polish pope is that while he is rightly revered for helping bring down the godless Communists, he has replicated something very like the old Communist Party in his church.” 

The memory of that fusillade was rekindled in a New York Times story on Thursday about  the sex scandals of prime minister Silvio Berlusconi and how they’re outraging women in Italy. Times reporters Elisabetta Povoledo and Rachel Donadio include this loaded sentence: “By some lights, Italian women have come far in a country whose most entrenched power structures — the Roman Catholic Church and organized crime — remain male and secretive.” 

This is a little like saying the NAACP and the Ku Klux Klan are both fraternal organizations based on race. But that wasn’t the only example on this day. Kathryn Lopez of National Review found the Catholic Church was also compared to the terrorism-endorsing Muslim Brotherhood by >>>

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