THEOCRACY ON SCREEN: Paul Bettany in “The Priest”

A priest disobeys church law to track down the vampires who kidnapped his niece. The Priest is a post-apocalyptic sci-fi thriller, set in an alternate world divided between men and vampires. Directed by Scott Stewart, Starring Paul Bettany, Christopher Plummer, Maggie Q, and Lily Collins. 
The Priest Official Trailer due in  n Theaters 5/13/2011:    
Plot: The Priest is a post-apocalyptic sci-fi thriller, is set in an alternate world — one ravaged by centuries of war between man and vampires. The story revolves around a legendary Warrior Priest from the last Vampire War who now lives in obscurity among the other downtrodden human inhabitants in walled-in dystopian cities ruled by the Church. When his niece is abducted by a murderous pack of vampires, Priest breaks his sacred vows to venture out on a quest to find her before they turn her into one of them. He is joined on his crusade by his niece’s boyfriend, a trigger-fingered young wasteland sheriff, and a former Warrior Priestess who possesses otherworldly fighting skills.
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Trailer 2: Trailer 3: On Set of the movie Priest with Paul Bettany, Cam Gigandet and Stephen Moyer:
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