To the brave people of Egypt … screw you!

Don’t know about you people but I’m already sick and tired of this media hyped Egyptian uprising/revolution ordeal.  Okay I get it! the brave people of Egypt have come out to stand side by side against a brutal regime who has robbed them from their wealth and prosperity. The fear has been conquered, the Egyptians are out in the streets in large numbers, we are afraid no more, we are in it until the end, blah, blah, blah.

The most interesting part of the whole thing so far has been the interview with the Google executive in Cairo who supposedly organized this whole uprising through internet! Speaking to CNN from the comfort of his house, the Google dude said that they are going to stay in the square until the end. There will be no going back. They are not going to hide anymore. They’ll continue fighting the oppressive regime until the regime is either gone or every one of the protestors is martyred!All along, I’m thinking to myself, REALLY!!!

The Google boy is sitting in his nice house, being interviewed by a CNN journalist, who seems to be roaming around freely, and talking shit about his “brutal government.” He looks clean-shaven, rested and darn confortable and healthy!!! On the other hand, Anderson Cooper is making such a hero out of this guy and of course the brave people of Egypt who are fighting a “brutal” regime and holding on to dear life until victory.

So, I’m thinking… again… REALLY?!

Here is my question to the brave people of Egypt: What the fuck has your government done to you in the last two weeks? Did your government unleash thousands of heavily armed, well-trained psychotic security forces on motorcycles to beat the crap out of you on the streets? Did your security forces attack you with knives, chains, batons and rubber bullets? Did they come to your homes, pull you out of your bedroom and bitch-slap you in front of your children? How many of your so-called leaders were picked up and butt fucked in makeshift prisons? How many of you were pulled out of Cairo University and thrown out of windows from five-story buildings? How many of your lawyers have received ten-year prison terms and hundred lashes? How many of you were shot in bright daylight? How many of you were executed, tortured and murdered by the secret service? How many were attacked by Hezbollah proxies that were flown in from southern Lebanon?

Brave my ass. Come to Iran and fight a real brutal government. That’s what separates men from boys.

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