A Celebration of Iranian Women for Valentines Day 2011 – The Ayatoilet Kh Kh Kh

Iran’s uniquely beautiful and heroic women are at the forefront of Iran’s movement for freedom and democracy. They should be celebrated for their sacrifices – and always admired. I know in the end it will be Iranian women that will save the country as they have many times before in Iranian history – like Princess Roxanna who saved Iran from total destruction from Alexander’s army. The Greeks ruined her reputation because Alexander ended up truly loving her and she bore his only child. It is amazing to me how many women are in Iranian jails, and how many women lawyers are representing Iran’s prisoners. It is even more shcking to note that many of these Iranian women prisoneers are being tortured and raped on trumped up charges by the IRGC’s thugs inside prisons. Whether its Iran’s nobel prize winning human rights lawyer Shrin Ebadi, or Iran’s dead heroines: Neda, Zahra Bahrami, or current prisoners Shabnam Madadzadeh, Nazanin Khsravani, Mahbobeh Karami…and so many more Iranian women have been and are at the forefront of the movement for freedom and democracy in Iran. Iran is truly blessed to have such incredible women…ask anyone that is married to one.

Because of their very existence, I know that the movement will go on from generation to generation – and it will never die. Its not whether Iranians will be free – but when? The song accompanying the photos is by Sting (Roxanne) – its my more jazzy (simpler) rendition, recorded with very few instruments in a small studio. I hope you like it.

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