Senior US Intelligence Official Acknowledges Iran’s Progress Despite Western Pressures

TEHRAN (FNA)- US President’s Director of National Intelligence
James Clapper reiterated that Iran is continuing its progress in
different technological fields, including the civilian nuclear
technology, irrespective of the West’s pressures and threats.

“Iran is growingly moving forward strongly, swiftly and firmly
without paying any attention to the West,” Clapper said in a testimony
before the House of Representatives.

“Iran is continuing its advanced developments, abilities and
capabilities in enriching uranium to attain the necessary scientific,
technical and industrial potentials to produce nuclear weapons for the
time that its leaders decide to do so,” he claimed, but meantime
underlined that he does not know if Iran’s leaders will ever make such a

The intelligence experts in Tehran believe that Clapper’s remarks
are rather a verbal statement of Washington’s Intelligence Assessment
Report for 2011 to be published soon.

They mention that the assessment does not say Iran is building
atomic weapons and underlines that the country has not yet decided to
produce nuclear weapons.

“Rather, it only stresses that Iran has just developed the necessary
technical capabilities and has not made any decision for developing
nuclear weapons.

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