Would you buy a missile from the United States?

Christopher King argues that there is a high probability that
weapons supplied by the USA to Egypt, among others, contain trojans –
hidden and malicious circuits in microchips or programs in software –
that can be activated by the US or Israel at will to ensure that they
will not work if used against Israel or other US protegé.

I notice that the Americans are talking about “helping” and “guiding”
Egypt to democracy. I would have thought that the Egyptian people have
demonstrated that they are perfectly capable of dispensing with help
from the United States. It’s very doubtful that they look forward to
more of the same.

The case of the Egyptian army is more complex. It has acted in its own
interests as well as that of the country. It’s common knowledge that the
peace treaty with Israel has given its senior officers the leisure to
turn their attention to making serious money from going into independent
business ventures. That is not an insuperable problem. Their best
interests are served by selling up, taking their money and getting out
of politics or becoming full-time businessmen. Their country’s best
long-term interests lie in the economic development that democracy
brings. It is to be hoped that they will see this and not delay.

This is where the United States has gone wrong. It should have followed
its much-publici… >>>

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