Criminal Rumsfeld: “We Were All Responsible” for Iraq

Taos, NM (CBS) — Former defense secretary Donald Rumsfeld is talking about the war in Iraq.

In 2006, with Iraq on the verge of all-out civil war, President Bush told Rumsfeld he had to leave his post.

“It was hard for him to do that – to come to that conclusion,”
Rumsfeld said. “And of course I felt the same way when I had to fire
somebody. I didn’t like it either. He said, ‘Are you OK with this?’ And I
said ‘Absolutely.'”

Is Rumsfeld responsible for what went wrong?

“We all were responsible,” says Rumsfeld. “We all agreed.”

After the Abu Ghraib prison scandal in 2004, Rumsfeld said he offered to resign twice, but President Bush said no.

“Do you think it would have been better if you had insisted on resigning?” CBS reporter David Martin asked.

“I think so,” Rumsfeld said.

“How would that have made things better?”

“It would have been a stronger signal to the world that we didn’t accept that kind of behavior,” Rumsfeld said.

“Did you feel it was your fault?”

“No,” answered Rumsfeld.

“You were responsible, but it wasn’t your fault?”

“Sure,” said Rumsfeld. “Exactly.”

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